Fireplace TV Installation

First of all, no fireplace manufacturer supports placing their fireplaces near a television.. Finalize the markings with a level to ensure the TV wall bracket will be straight.. To answer your questions simply, higher than the fireplace is really a fine place to put a television.. You can cement the screws to the wall if you need to be doubly safe.. The place looks more professional and neat should you not see the wires running everywhere..


Check your TV manual about the safe temperature to the TV.. It is the most suitable to select your personal TV brackets when you can specify the healthiness of the wall and understand the displays on what the TV brackets will fit for the wall.. Most electric fires offer a maximum heat creation of 2kW.. When it appeared one day in a magazine then circulated throughout the internet, the flat screen television over the fireplace became a hot trend.. You must also consider facilities to cover the wires from view..


It will also present you with an idea in the degree of tilt and swivel that could be needed.. It may seem cozy watching your preferred show while wearing a fire to hold you warm but consider the temperature coming out with the fireplace.. If not, you will ought to hire a licensed electrician for the job.. You don't want the TV and wiring to have affected by the warmth from the hearth.. Every television is done differently, so it would be impossible for any fireplace manufacturer to confidently guarantee that the television could be constructed in a way that it could withstand the warmth from the fireside..


The external speakers, dvd players, cable boxes, gaming consoles and in many cases computers will all be able to communicate to the television wirelessly.. You want your fireplace rear vented if you can.. At once, you are going to never need to be concerned about it using valuable wall space that you might want to use for other decorative items.. Start a hearth in your fireplace and build it to your normally desired heat.. Wall mounted gas fireplaces which are certainly not glass-fronted often offer decorative heat output only and they are popular options for installing a TV above..


That depends about the fireplace construction itself.. Run the electricity cord and cable over the sides with the wall and cover the crooks to make the wall look nice and clean.. The standard tools will be a masonry drill, wall anchors including raw bolts and concrete sleeve anchors, a level and eye protection goggles.. Will you will need to reinforce the wood? Do you need to drill holes to support the bolts that contain the mount?. The last point is really a matter of personal opinion, but a significant consideration none the less.. More info about tv above fireplace | tv over fireplace

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